We started our Hookahs journey the moment we decided that we wanted to create a shisha venue with a difference, one that valued style, service and an all round experience. We were successful in our endeavour and the arrival of Hookahs marked a change in direction in the shisha landscape of the North West. We created a shisha café for customers who know what they want, who have taste and style and want to enjoy shisha in a venue that reflects that.

We want to make history by creating a brand that is synonymous with shisha, with good quality food and delicious drinks. We are working with other brands and in new cities to make Hookahs the final word in shisha culture, always fun, always professional, always on the cutting edge and we are here to stay. Here's a little about how we got started and where we hope we're going …

We have a special love for our Birmingham branch, it's where we started in 2008 and its continued achievements years down the line make it a model for the rest of our branches; sustained success, inventive and high quality products, great customers and staff who love their job. You know what they say… On to the next …

Manchester was next, a worthy adversary, famous for its many shisha venues. The task to become the premier shisha café wouldn't be an easy one. Hookahs Manchester opened its doors in 2010 and has become famous for its atmosphere, its popularity and its high quality service.

Now to our Future

Our next venture is our purpose built Hookahs haven in the heart of Bradford's student campus. Including a spacious, stylish and comfortable outdoor room for your shisha enjoyment and inside our café. Perfect for that morning coffee, a quick bite to eat, an afternoon break or even the best milkshake you've ever tasted!!