Looking for a new way to run your own business? Considered franchising? Want to work with a unique and innovative company in a fun and emerging market? Definitely consider franchising with Hookahs!

Hookahs IS shisha, the UK's most reputable, most stylish shisha experience. We've impressed the shisha goers of the North and now it's time to work with you to take our message farther and wider. Interested? Of course you are, here's what happens next ………………..

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  • Use the form below to to send us your enquiry
  • Take a look at the opportunities for franchise locations posted on our website Get in touch with us using our easy to use fast response enquiry form. Tell us where you're interested in and we will give you a call taking us nicely to step 2!
  • We will look through your application and then contact you, swiftly! (We're excited to get to know you of course). We'll discuss your options, tell you a bit more about us, our ethos and our aims and explain how our franchise works. We'll talk a little about location, whether you take an already defined opportunity or you have the ideal premises in mind.
  • Next we send over our carefully put together franchise pack, this has everything you need to make your application. This includes your official application form, our franchising agreement and some more detailed information about Hookahs and our unique shisha cafes. Simply fill in the forms and send them over to us.
  • Once we've received your official application we'll make arrangements to meet. We like to take these meetings at Hookahs so you can see for yourself how we work and why we are the best at what we do. We will go through the application together and it's your time to ask us anything you like. It's here that you'll learn how our franchise works in more depth.
  • After we've met each other we'll take your application and go through it more thoroughly, we'll make our final decision and if it's a yes here is where it gets exciting. We will work together with one of our financial experts to make sure you're in a position to take the next step.
  • Now it's time to finalise. We agree the location of your Hookahs franchise, produce a cost breakdown for you to look at and create a final figure for you to work towards. Once your finance is in place we tie up all the important documents and you are officially the proud owner of a Hookahs franchise. Congratulations!
  • Our style, our methods and our ideas are unique to Hookahs so we have created a training programme that will help you to fit right in and make sure your franchise runs at the high Hookahs standard. We train you for a month pre your franchise opening to make sure you're fully prepared and for another month afterwards to help ease you in and resolve any teething problems.
  • And now, the moment you've been waiting for, your official Hookahs franchise opening! Have no fear, we will fully prepare you for this momentous occasion by organising your lease and creating the ideal Hookahs trading environment. We will take responsibility for marketing and making it known that Hookahs is here to serve and it's here to stay.
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